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Broken Kingdom

Broken Kingdom

“There is a sense in Michelle Bitting’s Broken Kingdom that the poet is announcing the advent of something both gorgeous and horrific. It’s very much a book for our time. Repeatedly, these poems astound me with the power of their pronouncements and with their new and voltaic use of language. Broken Kingdom restores my faith that life can be miraculous, even when—or especially when—it’s as mundane as a father and son unstopping a clogged bathroom sink.”


Zack Rogow

author of Talking with the Radio

The Couple Who Fell to Earth


"There’s delirious beauty tumbling down every page of The Couple Who Fell To Earth. Michelle Bitting’s poems deal with the domestic and the feral; I’m caught up in “Eden-scorched mouths,” and “a sea of furrowed manes and exoskeletons,” and I never want to leave. She confronts personal history, the familiar body, the spiritual world, and the human condition in rich, wildly original language."

Bianca Stone

author of someone else’s wedding vows

Notes to the Beloved

Sacramento Poetry Center Press

Book Manuscript Award 2011

“Richly dense in both language and insight into the human heart, Michelle Bitting’s Notes to the Beloved is a stunning collection of poems. As a fiction writer I am thrilled particularly by her voice, by the yearning of her poetic persona for a self, for a place in the universe, that yearning being the deeply beating heart of narrative as well. She is one of my favorite poets and this book will abide in me for a long, long time to come.”

Robert Olen Butler, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning, A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

Good Friday Kiss

Winner of C & R's Inaugural

DeNovo First Book Award! 

"There is something about these poems that is so immediate, so unflinching, so focused and visceral in their understatement, that I was, on first reading, astonished.  On second reading I was astonished and deeply moved.  On third reading I was astonished, deeply moved, and filled with joy!"


Thomas Lux

De Novo Judge - 2008

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